Finally what everyone is been asking me for! Another free live watercolor workshop!

This time we will be celebrating the spring by painting some gorgeous Magnolia flowers that I created specially for you. I must mention this a beginner level painting workshop, but everyone is welcome to paint with us!

This purpose of this workshop is for you to create a replica of my original artwork. This is the replay of my facebook live workshop.


- Watercolors, I’ll be using Winsor & Newton cotman, but feel free to use your favorite brand!
Primary colors (yellow, blue, red)
Permanent rose
Diozazine purple
Sap green
Burnt Umber
- Watercolor paper. I recommend 300 gr
- Watercolor brushes, a medium and a small (number 8 and 2 works great, but feel free to use your favorite brush)
- A mixing palette
- Pencil (4H or 5H preferably and a HB or 2B) a black pen and eraser
- Kitchen paper
- Water jar to clean up the brushes
- Fineliner (Optional)

Here you can also find the sketch for the workshop so you can print it and transfer it to you watercolor paper.

During the workshop I will be doing the sketch live, but I am quite fast to draw, so I will suggest you to have the sketch already drawn before the workshop so we can start painting.


*This workshop is for educational purposes only, please do not attempt to replicate my original artwork with commercial purposes.